Hello and welcome to the Shoe Box Curator site. My name is Catherine and I am the miniature curator here in this tiny space. Don’t worry you don’t need to be the size of Thumbelina to enjoy this gallery space it’s all metaphorical, although all Door Mice and Tom Thumbs are welcome. This site was inspired by the idea of a certain brand name shoe box which begins with the letter C. As I looked upon the shoe box debating whether to throw it away or keep it to store random bits an bobs that probably should also be thrown away, I realised that it could be used as a space of display, a tiny Tate Turbine Hall if you like (if you squint very hard and look at it from a certain angle by tilting your head to the left...ahem) So that is where I originally got the idea from. Now I have made this website with the intention of displaying artworks of my own and other artists in the form of mini virtual exhibitions for fun and to demonstrate the brilliant talent that artist's out there have to offer! Please take your time and browse the site and enjoy the work involved. The first exhibition is now available and there will be more in the future. If you have any inquires please contact me at the following email address:  


Yours Sincerely

Catherine...The Shoe Box Curator

 P.S as you enter the gallery please mind your head...Shoe Box ceilings are very low